20 Historical Fiction Agents to Query

In my hunt for an agent, I must have spent hours upon hours combing through databases and literary agent websites to find the best possible agents to query. I've used multiple platforms such as Predators and Editors, AgentQuery, Manuscript Wish ListPublisher's Marketplace, and interviews of specific agents to make sure that they are worth querying. I've compiled a list of agents that I have researched for my own query. Below is a list that should help you in your own search.

NOTE: One should always read and make sure that these agents represent what you are specifically querying. These agents do represent more than just Historical Fiction as well. 

Historical Fiction Agents in the U.S. 

  1. Jennifer Weltz of JVNLA Literary Agency 
  2. Jill Marr of Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
  3. Penelope Burns of Gelfman Schneider Literary Agency  
  4. Victoria Lowes of The Bent Agency
  5. BJ Robbins of BJ Robbins Literary Agency 
  6. Kimberly Cameron of Kimberly Cameron and Assoc. Literary Agency
  7. Caitlin Blasdell of Liza Dawson Assoc. Literary Agency
  8. Jennie Dunham of Dunham Literary Inc.  
  9. Kemi Faderin of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
  10. Ellen Goodson of The Gernert Company Literary Agency 
  11. Kristin Nelson of Nelson Literary Agency 
  12. Nancy Yost of Nancy Yost Literary Agency
  13. Henry Dunow of Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency
  14. Ethan Ellenberg of Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
  15. Levine,Greenberg,Rostan Literary Agency 
  16. Mary Carvainis of Mary Carvainis Literary Agency 
  17. Katie Grimm of Don Congdon Literary Agency 
  18. Stephanie Delman of Greenburger Literary Agency 
  19. Steve Kasdin of Curtis Brown Literary Agency 
  20. Amelia Appel of McIntosh & Otis Literary Agency