The People's Crusade (Coming Soon)


A tale of medieval forbidden love between a Christian and Jew which spans the troubled People's Crusade to Jerusalem. Anseau of Valois, a young ploughman, has defied his Church and enraged his lord. His forbidden relationship with Channah, a Jew, forces him on a doomed crusade as penance. In order to survive, Anseau must prove himself a leader, overcome power feuds, weave through internal subterfuge, and fight an imperial plot designed to sabotage the pilgrims before they even reach Constantinople. Should Anseau succeed, he still must face the formidable Sultan of Rum. Meanwhile, Channah comes under attack by a different band of crusaders, and though Anseau doesn't know it, his fate rests with her ability to persevere despite enormous odds.  


The idea of writing a fictional account of The People's Crusade popped into my head while having a discussion with my best friend about the crusades. I was always fascinated by the history, and after being inspired by that conversation and a couple non-fiction books I had read in my first MA degree, I decided to embark upon the adventure. It's been over five years since the first word was typed, and the story has taken many forms, but it is now ready to be heard (just need to find a home for it).